About Desert Sojourn

I came to the Sonoran Desert in 2007 to serve a congregation  and ended up ministering to the dying.  Who knew?!  It was not what I expected, at all.

But isn’t that life for you? It often leads us down unexpected and undesired paths.

I started this blog as a spiritual discipline.  Stuck in a climate that did not agree with me—body, mind, or spirit—I needed to process my emotional ups and downs and to somehow find God in the midst of it all. Like the ancient Israelites wandering the desert, I too felt lost and without direction on my own desert sojourn.

I am grateful to now live in the Pacific Northwest, loving every cold, cloudy day.  My life’s journey may not be in the desert any more, but I know my sojourn as a child of God continues.

I feel blessed and continue to trust that I am on the right path, guided by God’s grace and light.

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