About Me

My name is Rebecca.

I’m a Convergent*, Liberal, Humorous, Hopeful, Evangelical Christian.

Photo by Scott Griessel, Creatista.com
Photo by Scott Griessel, Creatista.com

Day by day, I’m working my way through life, trying my best to learn from my mistakes (which seem to be many), forgive and ask forgiveness, accept people for who they are, speak my thoughts, stand up for myself, dare to live life to the fullest, empower my children, grow old with my spouse, and most of all become whom God is calling me to be.

Throughout my 18 years of ministry as both a chaplain and a pastor, I have explored what it means to grow spiritually and have a passion for encouraging people of all ages along their own pathway to wholeness.

In these recent years of working with hospice patients I have realized, more than ever, the importance of having some form of spiritual practice—some way of making sense of the world and of grounding oneself. Those who do seem to have an easier time accepting their terminal diagnosis and moving more gently through the dying process.

But what does it mean to have a “spiritual practice”or to “grow spiritually?” 

Ah…THAT is the question and that which I hope to ponder, investigate, discover and expand upon here at Desert Sojourn.

* Unfamiliar with Convergence Christianity? Check out this webpage.


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5 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Nicely said Rebecca … sounds like you’re doing some good work in your corner of God’s Creation – doin’ my best to do the same in this little piece of Paradise on the California Central Coast!

  2. Beautifully said, Rebecca!!! I too have scared people just by showing up as a chaplain. I really like your challenge to figure out life and live an examined one at any moment, not just in one of crisis.

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