About You


You  are beautiful. 

You are unique.                                                                            

You are gifted.                                                                        

You are not alone. 

Join me on a journey of discovery, of deepening your understanding and experience of the Holy.

Read a post and leave some thoughts behind for other sojourners to learn and possibly grow from.

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3 Replies to “About You”

  1. Dear Rebecca,

    The “Forgiveness,” article was so profound that tears of joy might not be sufficient to express my sincere gratitude! From the moment I started reading the parable and the visuals of the “spiritual/emaotional prison cell,” that I too created at one point in my life required me to accept the paradigmn or mental shift that transpired moments after I started my self-reflection. It might take me hours, days, months, even years to come full circle to complete my forgiveness cycle – as long as I realized what our Master Teacher Jesus said, “… this is how your heavenly father will treat you back…” gave me comfort to know deep down in my hearts of hearts that my transgressor is still a child of God, just as I am. And when I forgive, I released myself from my own mental imprisonment and free my transgressor as well. Thus we became free children of God and ready to embarked the newly achieve freedom based on Love, Forgiveness, and Purposeful Life!

    A BIG Mahalo with Sista-Luv,
    Tiki 🙂

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