Thy Kingdom Come; My Kingdom Go

There is something to be said about this self-imposed challenge of mine to write 40 blog posts before Easter.

 It has me more than ever delving into scripture and roaming about the internet for words on Christianity as I reflect on the world around me.

Today I found this:

Have you, as a Christian, surrendered your life to Christ? Have you said, “Lord, I want Your will more than I want my own will. I am willing to surrender to You now”? Because you cannot pray, “Your kingdom come” until you first pray, “My kingdom go.” Have you done that yet? (Greg Laurie)

Wow!  I love that image of first needing to let go of my kingdom before I can embrace God’s.  And so I must ask myself:

What do I allow to creep in and rule my life? Truthfully?

My condemnation of others.  The thrill of slander.  Pride.  Apathy.  Resentment.  Indifference.

When do I forget to let God control my words, decisions, and actions?

When I am driven by my anxiety.  When I forget to “pray without ceasing.” When I neglect to “be grateful in all times.” When I seek my will in life over God’s will. (1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18)

I cannot deny there is plenty of my kingdom of which I still need to prayerfully let go.  How about you? 

May these final weeks of Lent reveal the makings of our self-righteous kingdoms and bless us with the grace to seek God’s Kingdom and righteousness first. (Matt. 6:33)



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